Neural Oscillation Synchronization


NOS sessions are unique mental experiences created by LED frequency patterns and binaural audio that combine to quickly induce a deep meditative visionary state that can be used for therapeutic psychological reprogramming and/or mental healing and rejuvenation.

I am NOT a Neurosurgeon, this is not Neuralink or Neurofeedback, and there are no head electrodes or screens to stare at. NOS Sessions do not include reiki energy healing, acupuncture, massage, or other body modalities.

“Neurotechnology” is any technology that provides greater insight into brain or nervous system activity, or affects brain or nervous system function.

NOS Sessions unlock mind-body therapies utilizing advanced neurotechnology devices and biologically manipulative energy techniques.

Neural Oscillation Synchronization is a fancy way of saying that light and sound frequencies are used to alter brain wave frequencies, effectively inducing a lucid dream-like state.

How It Works

The signal entering from ocular stimulation is processed, but because the signal flicker is below a critical threshold , your brain reroutes it to other areas.

How It Feels

As your brain frequency starts to synchronize with the signal, it opens deep meditative lucid dream-like states of consciousness.


• Relaxation

• Mental Clarity

• Stress Reduction

• Self Healing Therapy

• Energy Rejuvenation


"My mind felt like my muscles do after a massage."

"It was super entertaining, I laughed at some of the crazy things my mind came up with!"

"It was a lot like a Ketamine Experience."

"I felt like I was flying through shapes and colors."

"A Fantastic way to shake the snow globe!"

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Experience NOS

There is nothing quite like

frequency synchronization!

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realizations when you return.

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